Wall Insulation Distributors in Wales - Thermorend
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Get to know Thermorend

Thermorend is the exclusive distributor of Terrix in Wales, a revolutionary rendering system. Thermorend is able to provide materials for this all-new, less disruptive method of insulation, along with training on how to install this product effectively and efficiently.


In explaining its characteristics, the benefits of using such materials and the ins and outs of installation in a simple way, Thermorend gives you the power to provide a high level Terrix service to your own customers with effective and aesthetically pleasing results.


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Our company news

  • Welcome to the new Thermorend website. We are the wall insulation experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in our field and as a result we are constantly evolving

  • Because we’ve been doing this for so long, we understand the huge benefits that can be achieved with well-fitted wall insulation. Of course we understand that for many peop

  • Insulating a property is often thought of as a long and disruptive process, and this can be true in some circumstances. Traditional forms of insulation can be loud, disrupt

Contact us now for a free quote on your project