Aerotherm Distributor Wales - Thermorend
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Aerotherm is a revolutionary new technology that is changing the way people insulate their homes. Its properties as a material mean it is capable of making energy savings of up to 35% when installed correctly, and at only 1mm thick it is the thinnest insulation option around and causes the least disruption during installation.


Proving that insulation is not always a case of ‘thicker is better’, Aerotherm’s optimum depth is 1mm and works with reflection technology to prevent conductive heat from slowing down. Made possible by hollow glass microspheres, which absorb and then reflect radiant energy back into the room, this keeps the overall temperature of any space balanced against the consistent wall-to-wall distribution of heat.


Aerotherm also contains aerogel, a material that originates from NASA and is designed to insulate space stations. Following advancements in technology, Aerotherm is now available for purchase and installation in the home, with its effectiveness making it the growing insulation of choice for property owners throughout Europe.

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