What is Aerotherm? -
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What is Aerotherm?


What is Aerotherm?

Aerotherm is a brand new technology that is becoming more and more popular for people who are looking to insulate their homes. Aerotherm technology was developed by NASA to insulate the space station, and as a result it is light, resilient and effective. This product does not operate in the same way that traditional insulation does. Traditional insulation provides a thick layer that slows down heat penetration but does not prevent it. Aerotherm acts as a reflective layer which pushes warm air back on itself and into the property, so that it doesn’t escape at all.


Aerotherm also differs greatly when it comes down to material. More traditional forms of insulation have been known to take up a great deal of space given the size of the materials used. This new product is 1mm thick, and is applied to the internal walls of the property much like a wallpaper, and leaves the room ready to paint and decorate however you like.


Because Aerotherm is so slight, there is a huge benefit in that the space taken up by the product post-installation is virtually nil. 1mm of room space is all that is required for the product to be fitted professionally, meaning that there is absolutely no loss of significant room space to the property. Furthermore, because of how slight this product is it is also very quick to install once training has been completed to a high standard. There is very little disruption to the room or the day-to-day operation of the business if it is a corporate building.


Despite the product thickness, it is does not compromise on performance or durability. Aerotherm is very rarely damaged, but in the instance that it does take on some damage the reduction in performance is too small to measure – and it is extremely quick to repair for trained professionals. Performance wise this product offers the most value-per-inch over any other form of insulation. It’s 1mm thickness is capable of saving up to 35% energy when heating your home.


With all this being achieved with such a slight material, it is no surprise that Aerotherm is becoming a popular choice across the whole of Europe. At Thermorend, we are an exclusive distributor of Aerotherm technology, so if you work in insulation and want to know more about our free training, or a property owner get in touch today and see how we can help.