Benefits of Wall Insulation -
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Benefits of Wall Insulation


Benefits of Wall Insulation

Because we’ve been doing this for so long, we understand the huge benefits that can be achieved with well-fitted wall insulation. Of course we understand that for many people not working in the industry that you may feel unsure about what these benefits are exactly. Here we will outline these benefits so that you can see how important insulation can be to your home.


Saving your money.

Heating is of course an essential human expense. If you look back into history books all periods of history have strived for shelter and warmth. Of course today is very different in that energy is required to heat your home, and this comes at a price. Walls with no or poor insulation have the ability to lose 45% of heat energy, and as a result your heating takes up almost twice as much energy to maintain a comfortable temperature during the colder months! Proper insulation keeps this heat in for longer, meaning you use less energy, and as a result spend a lot less on bills.


Keeping you and your family healthy.

Particularly in the winter months it can be potentially dangerous to live in a home that consistently drops below certain temperatures. Young people and the older generation are particularly vulnerable at these times and the solution can be as simple as keeping a comfortably warm home. External wall insulation helps to lock in that heat and prevents it escaping so that your home heats up quicker, and cools down slower.


Help the environment.

Many across the world rely on fossil fuels to heat their home. Generating this energy can emit large quantities of pollution into the atmosphere and damage the environment. If you have an effective insulation in place, your home will then require less of this energy for it to remain warm – and of course, using less energy means less is generated on your behalf, reducing your carbon footprint.


Prevent mould.

When a moisture substance hits a cool surface it turns into a liquid. This of course results in your walls becoming damp and this is a perfect breeding ground for molds – some of which can be very harmful to your health and cause respiratory issues over longer periods of exposure. Insulation keeps the surface temperature of our property walls warm enough so that moisture in the air never has the chance to liquify – meaning there is no environment within which mold can grow.


These are all very important aspects to consider and over time we have come to realise that they are all things that people genuinely care about. If you would like advice or more information on how we can help, please get in touch either by phone on 01656 662 096 or by email at