Terrix Systems Distributor in Wales by Thermorend
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Terrix Systems

Terrix is a revolutionary new technology that is changing the way people and contractors render and fit external wall insulation to buildings.


We use patented Polymer-Silicate technology throughout our product range that ensures that our renders stay looking good long into the future whilst also doing their job.  No more algae growth or colour fading, buildings retain their aesthetic over time with that ‘just completed’ look.


The Polymer-Silicate renders can be offered as a complete external wall insulation system, in conjunction with a choice of insulation such as expanded polystyrene, mineral wool and polyretene which offer unique advantages over any other EWI system.


Proving that insulation is not always a case of ‘thicker is better’, we can also offer other internal wall insulation such as Aerotherm.  It’s optimum depth is 1mm and works with reflection technology to prevent conductive heat from escaping. Made possible by hollow glass microspheres, which absorb and then reflect radiant energy back into the room, this keeps the overall temperature of any space balanced against the consistent wall-to-wall distribution of heat.

Internal Plasters

Terrix Spray Plaster Coat – PL-SX-S

Main Advantages:

  • Fast and easy application
  • Smooth Decorative surface
  • Ultra-White
  • Ready for immediate application
  • Machine applied
  • Vapor permittable
  • Very workable

A spray plaster based on Polymer-Silicate. Ready to use plaster for machine levelling of interior walls and ceilings. Especially recommended for finishing levelling and smoothing of surface before painting. Its white colour and smooth surface allows for 2 coat only with no primer before paint finish. When set hardened, the easy-to-apply Polymer-Silicate compound ensures good workability by a very light sanding. Suitable for use on all typical mineral surfaces: including concrete, cement, cement-calciferous, lime and gypsum render and gypsum boards.

Internal Paints

Terrix Dispersion-silicate Internal Paint – IP-ST-P

Main Advantages:

  • Mineral based with a noble matt finish
  • Microporous structure enabling free evaporation of moisture
  • Chemical reaction with sub-state (will not flake or delaminate)
  • High resistance to washing and scrubbing
  • High resistance to yellowing
  • Does not require primers
  • Sprayable application, very quick application

A modern Polymer-silicate dispersive surface paint for the application of protective ad decorative paint coatings in building interiors. Produced on the basis of innovative German technology combining a silicate and dispersion binding agent. It is characteristic in that it does not change the retentive properties of the base (walls naturally receive and give off moisture), thanks to which, in wet rooms (such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements) the amount of moisture in the air is reduced.


The dispersion paint also serves for the painting of walls in dry rooms (such as hospitals, offices and conference rooms). It is used for the initial and renovation paining of mineral bases (such as cement, concrete and gypsum renders) as well as on bases covered with a well-bound polymer base coating. New mineral bases such as cement which do not require a white coat or priming can be painted after 14 days from time of application.

For the Home Owner & DIYer, you can buy products through our online web shop directly