A revolutionary insulation material arrives -
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A revolutionary insulation material arrives


A revolutionary insulation material arrives

Insulating a property is often thought of as a long and disruptive process, and this can be true in some circumstances. Traditional forms of insulation can be loud, disruptive and time consuming, but thanks to advancements in technology this no longer has to be the case. In this blog we will explore Aerotherm, a new insulation technology developed by NASA, which drastically reduces installation time and significantly improves energy performance, and Thermorend are an official provider of this fantastic product.


What is it?

Aerotherm is comprised of tiny glass microspheres and aerogel, and is applied to the internal walls of a property. At 1mm thick, on completion it leaves a smooth finish similar to plastering, and is then ready for painting or wallpaper, so you don’t lose the luxury of personalising your home once the product is installed. This differs massively to traditional insulation options, as no additional materials or walls are needed in order for it to be applied effectively. Aerotherm offers the most value-per-inch when it compared to other insulation types, and is fast becoming the product of choice across Europe for homeowners looking to save money on energy bills.


How does it work?

Rather than decrease the rate in which heat passes through the walls (which is the function of other insulation alternatives) Aerotherm acts as a reflective coating that bounces radiant energy hitting the walls back into the room. This constant wall to wall distribution of heat ensures that a room will heat up faster and cool down slower, meaning less energy is required to reach and maintain a desired temperature.


Why use it?

Because Aerotherm is 1mm thick, when it is installed virtually no space is lost within the room. Older insulations require stud walls which can lose much more space, but with this product a room’s energy performance can be drastically increased with no significant sacrifice on space. In addition, any damage to Aerotherm is easily rectified, and impact on its performance when damaged is too small to measure. Finally and most impressively, Aerotherm is capable of saving 35% energy when installed correctly.


Thanks to this technology insulation no longer has to take days to install, and loss of room space doesn’t have to be a concern – which are both elements of older technology options. Aerotherm is a high performance insulation alternative, which can be installed quickly, leaves an appealing finish and does not disrupt the home in any way. It is for these reasons that it is such a popular alternative.


If you would like to know more about Aerotherm for your home, or become a trained installer of this fantastic product contact Thermorend today by phone on 01656 662 096, or email us at office@thermorend.com.