The Importance of Training -
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The Importance of Training


The Importance of Training


All companies need to train their staff regardless of industry, and the importance of this cannot be underestimated. Within the insulation industry, it’s crucial to understand how to install each individual product safely and effectively. At Thermorend we offer training on the installation of insulation’s newest product, Aerotherm. Here is an overall guide to how installation training allows you and your staff to install Aerotherm correctly and safely:


Health and Safety

At the core of all training is a health and safety policy. The potential for injury is something that cannot be overlooked when working on site. Health and safety issues arise when there is a lack of knowledge or compliance around creating a safe environment. Completing tasks incorrectly can also lead to mistakes which can cause dangerous situations, and also compromise the quality of work. Ensuring health and safety training is regular and thorough, therefore, leads to a smaller likelihood that dangerous events will occur. It also not only provides the employee with a safe working environment, but also protects the employer from potential corporate charges or lawsuits.



Failing to train every member of the staff can result in negative effects across the whole company. The reason for this is that some members of the staff won’t be as skilled as others, and won’t be able to complete their work to a high enough standard. Another factor to consider is that the staff that did receive training will then be relied upon to educate their colleagues, meaning they spend less time completing the work they were initially trained to do. We recommend that all members of staff are trained across the board, so that each person can focus on the task that they are paid to complete, and not have the responsibility of educating other people in addition to this.


Employee Performance

If an employee is not given the correct training, it makes sense that their capability in carrying out their role effectively may be limited. Training is key to improving employee performance and identifying areas of strength and weakness. Retaining employees who are lacking in training can have a knock on effect to the quality of work produced by a company as a whole, which in turn can damage reputation and credibility. Providing training across the board helps ensure all employees are aware of their responsibilities, and are able to complete daily tasks without relying on others to assist them. This streamlines processes, meaning work is completed much more efficiently, leaving employees with a feeling of accomplishment when reaching their goals. Our training ensures that your whole team knows the correct process of Aerotherm’s installation, and also what role they play in overall project success.


Addressing Weaknesses

Training sessions are also useful in highlighting areas of a business that do not have a well-rounded skillset present, whether this be in relation to specific individuals or whole departments. Employees with no formal training in a company can hold up processes and waste time for other trained members of staff or wider departments who then have to rectify or assist in others in completing their daily responsibilities. By recognising those poorer performing aspects of a business process, a company can then put a plan in place to upskill these areas or individuals to ensure that it does not negatively impact the business as a whole moving forward.


Thermorend Training

At Thermorend we understand the importance of having safe and skilled workers. We have lots of experience working on site with various people of all skill levels and ages, and this is reflected in all aspects of our Aerotherm installation training. We also provide you with literature that explains the theory behind Aerotherm insulation, so you are able to answer any questions existing and potential clients might have for you. In addition, we ensure you yourself are equipped to install the product safely and efficiently, causing as little disruption to the property owner and your business as possible.


If you would like to know more about Aerotherm and how you can become an installation expert through our training, contact us today on: or call us on: 01656 662 096 and we can discuss the options that you have.