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Thermorend @ AXA Swansea Bay

Improving aesthetics with rendering

Service: Rendering

Client: Axa Insurance

Project: Swansea Bay Flats

Products used: Terrix Polymer Silicate External wall insulation system.


The problem

Due to its location and British weather conditions, the block of flats in the seaside location of Swansea Bay was facing a problem with water ingress, with water permeating the building material. The condition of the building was showing that the previous insulation system had failed and the renders were de-laminating, meaning that they were no longer as effective as they should have been. There was also evidence of sand behind the insulation product, which was having an incredibly negative impact on the efficiency of the external wall insulation product, meaning that a new and more reliable solution was required.

The solution

Thermorend was appointed to find a suitable solution and began the process by carrying out a survey to understand the situation of the building and to note the full failings of the previous insulation system. As it was unrepairable, Thermorend stripped the existing insulation system off and reinstated it with Terrix Polymer Silicate across a five-week period. This product was selected as it has a high resistance to salt and water, making it the most durable solution for properties on beachfront locations, leaving the Swansea Bay flats in a much better condition, aesthetically as well as in terms of longevity.

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